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An inconsistent blog of things that I find worthy of sharing. I fully expect zero people to read any of this other than my mom. Hi mom! 👋

MENU Skateshop
Rachid's Pick

MENU Skateshop

July 15, 2022
The ONLY legit skateshop left in this town, and it’s owned by a really good dude. They’re also the only store in BC that gets the cool Nike Dunk SB releases. I used to buy Dunks here on release day back when there were no lines, no resellers, and no hype. I miss those days...

Home Office

The Home Office

June 10, 2022
Not going to lie... living in California was paradise. However after 2 years of working in a dark corner of my bedroom facing a wall, this is too paradise... but in a different way. Here, the heat may come out of the vents instead of the sun, but at least my two cats aren’t my only friends.

Spotify Playlist
- Hip Hop Goats

April 29, 2022
THE best hip hop classics from the 80s right up to when it started to suck... (grumpy old man). KMD, Slick Rick, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Rakim. Need I say more? Then again, what do I care if you listen or not.
Widescreen VF

Widescreen VF

April 17, 2022
Definitely one of my favorite fonts right now. I was able to use it in a new client project, that I will be able to share shortly, where it fit perfectly into the brand. It’s a variable font with 3 axis for manipulation. Animating variable fonts for the web is my new favorite thing. Love it. 🖤

Covid GIF

GIF of the Week

February 19, 2022
Lockdowns, isolation, lack of social gatherings, working from home (seemingly 24/7), and the distance that the last few years have brought, has affected my mental health quite a bit. It was far too easy for me to get into my own head, especially without having anyone to keep me out of it. Unfortunately I can tell it has affected my work and productivity. Fortunately however, I do see it improving day-by-day which gives me hope that I’ll be back to my regular levels of overthinking and self-doubt soon enough!
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Valentines Poop

Happy Valentines

February 14, 2022
Who wants to give this pile of poop a hug? I made this for my girlfriend in 2017. She's now my wife, so I guess it worked!?
Rachid's Pick

Guu with Garlic

February 10, 2022
This place is quite possibly my favorite resturant in the world. That’s all I’ll say.

My Viral Wiener

February 8, 2022
I made this hot dog animation as a joke while trying to learn some Cinema 4D. Next thing I know — 370K views and 13k likes on Instagram. I can’t explain these things...

The Instagram post

Spotify Playlist - AM Classics

February 7, 2022
66CFR was the oldies radio station in Calgary when I was growing up. I used to listen to it every night to fall asleep. This is a best of the best. Relaxing AF.
Bigfoot Cell Phone Case

Bigfoot Cell Phone Case

February 6, 2022
That’s a real testimonial from one of my many customers I swear I don’t know... If you want one too, hit me up!
Korean Chips

Korean Potato Chips

February 5, 2022
Find somebody that makes you as happy as this chicken wing makes that potato chip.

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