While working as Creative Director at a Vancouver based app development company, I worked on an app that would track continuing education credits for healthcare professionals. Many healthcare professionals are required to attend continuing education programs throughout their career in order to stay current on medical technologies and best practices in their field. CPD4ME was created to consolidate these programs in a calendar, and track the credits received from these programs, giving the user insight into how they are progressing.

The Process
Using a whiteboard, I sketched a general app flow and encouraged feedback from the developer of the project, as well as my junior designer. The features and functionality were constantly evolving as I presented initial wireframes to medical staff and executives at the Vancouver General Hospital in a series of meetings, and received valuable user feedback. I then created wireframes for each screen with the goal of making the most relevant information visible at a glance.
The Design
The main function that received the most requests in client meetings was an event filter that could be edited and saved, as there are so many different topics that may or may not be relevant to doctors depending on what they specialize in. The filters I created include keywords, type of event, distance from user, date, and credit amount/type for events. Saved filters were made easy to edit, remove, and reorganize.

As another way to filter event results, I added fields in the profile screen for the use to enter specific information such as the users specialty, credit preference and location. This data would be used for the app to make event recommendations tailored specifically to the users professional interests.
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