While working at an app development company as Creative Director (UI/UX designer, marketing, SEO, and web designer), I took on the full design of a client app, The Yeti Snow Tracker.
The Yeti Snow Tracker App is a simple solution to track snow removal times of sub-contractors, on-site times to charge clients, and a way to document site completion. The mobile app allows snow removers to easily view their daily routes and individual site assignments to plan their workday. A site map with directions are supplied to the driver to through the app, keeping the drivers on track.​​​​​​​

First Steps
I was provided rough sketches of the general app functionality for the Yeti app from the client, which gave me some insight as to how they envisioned the app would generally flow. The sketches may have been far from solid, but any form of client participation is a great help and always welcome. Using the clients sketches as a starting point, I began to rework the app flow from the beginning by developing initial wireframes. The goal was to make the flow of the app as simple and intuitive as possible. In order to achieve this, I made the app flow in steps. This would cut down on possible user error, while creating a flow that drivers could easily make routine.
The first draft of wireframes produced a total of 19 screens throughout the user flow. Once I had all the screens created and mapped out, I was able to analyze them a little closer and streamline the flow. I realized that selecting the drivers route and equipment on the same screen (first screen) actually created extra screens than if they were separated. By selecting equipment once the driver reached the individual site simplified the flow significantly. Eliminating unnecessary steps brought the next iteration of the wireframes down to only 14 screens. After some minor tweaks based on client and driver feedback, the wireframes were finalized and I was ready to move on to the hifi mock stage.
Using an existing low resolution Yeti app logo, I was able to create a clean vector version with solid brand colors. I would base the theme of the app on this finalized logo and extended color palette.
At the request of the client, I used as much existing iOS 8 UI elements as possible. The concern was that the drivers would be more concerned with familiarity and easy use, than fancy UI and custom elements that just aren’t practical in this type of application. Keeping the developments costs minimal was another client concern.
The working application was then tested with several drivers in a pilot atmosphere. The feedback that was returned was very positive with concerns only about battery usage and GPS tracking settings that would be addressed and fixed by our iOS developer. The drivers found the application to be extremely simple to use, intuitive, non-instrusive, and most of all helpful to their daily workflow.
The Result
The contractor is now able to pay the sub-contractors, as well as charge each site location with a much higher level of accuracy. The sub-contractor can find their assigned routes and sites instantly wherever they are.
With the implementation of GPS tracking, along with the feature to upload before and after photos at each site, the liability risks of a fall due to skipped or unfinished snow removal were drastically reduced. In the event of a liability claim, the documentation of work for that location is easily found and proof of work is established, often times resulting in transfer of liability.
“From the first contact to the delivery of the final product, the entire team at Dynamic Leap exceeded our expectations. Their creative input in the design stage resulted in significant improvements to the work flow of the system. They kept to their schedule and delivered product for us to test rapidly and with a high level of completeness. Then during debugging and user testing they kept on us to ensure we tested and tested some more to ensure we were 100% satisfied. Their diligence throughout the process was nothing short of spectacular.
I’m so impressed with their ability to delivery on their commitments that I’m actively sifting through other areas of our businesses looking for opportunities to engage them to help us be more effective and streamlined.”     -Kevin Speilman, President of NxGen Networks Inc.
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